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Mon, Dec. 12th, 2005, 12:58 pm
yobachi2003: Black Power Civil Disobidence

As I call it. Heard about the brothers ransacking the liquor store in Oakland, demanding it close?

OAKLAND, Calif. - A man linked to a black Muslim group was among two men who turned themselves in to police Tuesday for their roles in vandalizing a pair of stores for selling alcohol to blacks, police said.

Investigators said it was too soon to say whether the vandals were connected to Monday's fire and kidnapping of clerk at the same store ransacked by a gang of black men in suits and bow ties three days earlier.

Yusef Bey IV, 19, and Donald Cunningham, 73, turned themselves in to face charges including robbery, felony vandalism and terrorist threats, Oakland Deputy Police Chief Howard Jordan said. Police obtained warrants charging four others with similar crimes and expected to make arrests.


I'm not saying no one should drink any liquor, even though it propably would be better for all of us if we didn't, but it is ridiculous how ever Black working class to poor neighborhood has a liqour store on every other corner. And we all know the destructive affects that excesive alcohol consumption contributes to. Alcohol leads to more domestic violence, health problems, death, and destruction than any other drug in the U.S. - or in the world for that matter.

Thu, Dec. 8th, 2005, 11:18 am
yobachi2003: Racial Profling At the Montrosity that is Wal-mart

This hits close to home for me in that the first time I just knew for sure I was really being followed around a store by an employee was when I was at a wal-mart in Bossier L.A. when I was 13. This fool kept following me and the two dudes with me from isle to isle in the electronics area, standing on the other end pretending to be doing something with the merchandise. But it was blatantly obvious that we were being watched.

Now I bring you one of those racial profiling episodes from hell:

"TAMPA - GAF Materials Corp. is handing out gift cards from Target as a reward to select employees this holiday season. That's because Wal-Mart, the discount store that held the business for years, last week called sheriff's deputies to apprehend a GAF manager on a bogus bad check rap while he was trying to buy this year's gift card supply.

"I keep going over and over the incident in my mind," said Reginald Pitts, the 34-year-old human resources manager for the roof material manufacturer's Tampa distribution center. "I cannot come up with any possible reason why I was treated like this except that I am black."


It's funny how this always happens to us, when the number one shoplifting demographic is white women. While they're always busy watching us, white folks is robbing them blind.

Tue, Nov. 29th, 2005, 04:21 pm
yobachi2003: (no subject)

In relationship to this post I created in Blackfolk surrounding the the oft spewed ideology that race is just an American thing, and Europe is some sort of color-blind utopia; I'd like to ask why do Black people feel the need to create a mythical oasis of white love? Further yet, why do Black people seem to have this need deep down inside, if not on the surface, for white people, somewhere, to love them?

I think such myths are so easily conjured amongst Black people thanks to Black people's propensity to mystification, as spoken about by psychiatrist Frantz Fanon in "The Wretch of the Earth". And though few Black people will admitted, I think our community is still looking for human affirmation from white people.

Mon, Nov. 28th, 2005, 02:00 pm
kyooverse: A week of Black SGL/LGBTI Atonement

A Week of Black SGL, LGBTQ Atonement
Dare to Heal

In The Meantime Men’s Group, Inc.(ITMT), a Los Angeles Community Service Organization is dedicated to the mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of Black SGL, Gay, and Bi-sexual men. ITMT calls for a National day of atonement for the entire Black Same Gender Loving (SGL), gay and Bi-sexual community.

We are calling on other organizations, community activist, and member of the Black SGL and Lesbian, gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) communities at large to stand for a day of healing and strategizing around the issues that continue to plague our local communities.

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Sat, Nov. 26th, 2005, 04:03 pm
yobachi2003: Cultural Discrimination

Might of Seen Posted Elsewhere Already - This is mostly a reproduction of a coyabean post.

The Modern Form of Racism


If you have common sense and think that not enough people do please help us hit this bitch with a bat.

See campaign here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/blackfolk/2948121.html

Emails are:

The Director’s email: kjzissoff@southwest.tn.edu

Her program is sponsored by Southwest Tennesee Community College. I assume they are tax supported? Emails there:

Essex, Nathan - President, President

Telephone: 333-4462 Office: FA 3003 Email: nessex@southwest.tn.edu

Feel free to crib letter here:
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Wed, Nov. 23rd, 2005, 06:52 pm
yobachi2003: Katrina Evacuees Being Evicted - Millions More Acts

You may or may not have heard of FEMA setting a December 1 Deadline for most of the thousands of Hurricane Evacuees to find perment before FEMA abruptly stops paying for hotel lodging. The Deadline was pushed back until January 7, but that still may not be long enough considering housing shortages, some properties not wanting to lease or rent based on FEMA vouchers because of past experience of FEMA not paying, and the fact that FEMA is doing little to help people finding perment housing

I just saw a news segment this even where Fannie Mae had offered over 1,000 house for two months ago to FEMA to place hurricane evacuees in rent free for 18 months, and they didn't accept the offer until today after being pressured into do by a Mississippi Congressmen and the News organization.

Millions More Movements effort on this front via an email I received from the movement:

Millions More Movement Launches
Mobilizing Effort On Katrina Evacuees

WASHINGTON (MillionsMoreMovement.com) - In an organizational meeting of the Millions More Movement (MMM) called by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Convener of the Millions More Movement and Rev. Willie F. Wilson, National Executive Director of the Millions More Movement, leaders of the Movement launched a protest effort against FEMA for its intent to evict from hotels and temporary living places across the country, 150,000 American citizens who were effected by the recent hurricanes, "It is unconscionable that people will be evicted into the streets during the cold of winter and during this special holiday season because of natural disasters," said Rev. Willie F. Wilson. "We, the people, must issue a cease and desist order to FEMA."

FEMA has a budget of more than $32 billion and half of that budget has not touched. That money should be allocated to take care of the hurricane victims and permanent housing for them until such time as they return to their homeland. MMM leaders are calling all people of good will to join their effort and write, call, fax and email their Congressional leaders and US President and demand an end to this inhuman treatment. The call to FEMA to cease and desist with throwing our people in the street is being issued.

Below are sample letters and contact information:
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Fri, Nov. 11th, 2005, 04:10 pm
softjunebreeze: They took it there. They really fucking took it there...

(cross-posted in my LJ)

U.S. accuses SIU of anti-white biasCollapse )

I'm so angry right now...I can't even find the right words. I really just feel like screaming.

Tue, Oct. 25th, 2005, 02:05 am
softjunebreeze: Hand me my late pass, Pt. 2947846

Thanks seanp...if I hadn't seen your post, I wouldn't have found out until like 2 days later...cuz all the papers here in Chicago have the White Sox on the front page :-/

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Wed, Oct. 19th, 2005, 06:20 pm
yobachi2003: Millions More Reflections, Part 3

The Political Positives of Millions More

There are many shining points of this grand day on the Mall to denote.
First of all those things from a personal feeling and enrichment
perspective, which I elaborated on in this post. There are the feelings of
community and unity engendered by being at the rally, the inspiration
that one draws from such a gathering by participation, or even by watching
on television as was the case for me 10 years ago, and other such
revival type qualities. Yet, there lies other greater psychological, social,
and political benefits that can already be derived from having had the
event; and a great many more if we take the opportunity to cease the
moment and follow through on the Movement's premise and agenda.

First - this was the largest, most inclusive, and broad based gathering
of Black leadership in America, likely ever, but definitely since the
late 60s. This event brought together all various facets of Black
organizations and leaders: NOI, Rainbow/Push, Action Network, the
Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, the Christian Leadership Council, the New
Black Panther Party, etc.; and this includes many of the Naysayers who
tried to tell Black People to stay away 10 years ago. Almost all
factions of Black America came together, with basically the only exception
being the Clarence Thomas/ Ward Connerly/ Armstrong Williams * ultra
conservative sellout faction; and participated in an unprecedented show of a
united front.

Beyond that, there was a cross-cultural and international confluence
with address delivered by Russle Means (Native American Leader), Cuba's
Foreign Minister, and Jamaica's Prime Minister P.J. Patterson. These
accomplishments cannot be sold short. This is the first great step towards
cross-factional cooperation among Black America. This is the first time
ever, that I'm aware of, that you've had a national event where
militant or nationalistic Black organizations (such as the Nation of Islam/New
Black Panther Party) and more conciliatory organizations (such as the
NAACP/Christian Leadership Council) have cooperated together in a unison

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Wed, Oct. 19th, 2005, 01:17 pm
yobachi2003: Millions More Reflectons, Part 2

Stepping on the Mall

Before I even get to the in-depth political analysis of the positives of the Rally (again I must stress it wasn't a friggin March), I just want to relay some of my personal experience of being there.

As I got off the train at the Naval Museum Station near Constitution Avenue, I'm still calm but envisioning what I will encounter once I make it to Mall. While still underground I ask a metro worker how I would get to Mall once exiting the subway. He told me whatever street name, which I don't recall, would be to my left when I exited. And escalator leads up and out of the tunnel. As I ascend to ground level and the sun draws upon me I clutch the straps of my book bag that I'm wearing over both shoulders anticipating what I will see.

From the moment I hit ground I can see various vendors pushing souvenirs, a women selling M&Ms for her church, Some people that Immediately recognized, as Seventh-day adventist because of the book and Magazine they were giving away, and various (almost all Black) persons milling about. I look for the street that duded told me to take to the mall, but I can't tell which street to the left it is the one he said. I ask a police officer, she pointed me straight ahead, and I was on my way. As I approach the intersection my anticipation builds to a peak, and it's like Christmas morning coming down the stairs as a kid.

Lining the sidewalk, individuals without stands are selling there wears and souvenirs. I almost bought a march t-shirt because it was only $5 dollars, but I didn't like the shirt much so I kept it moving. I spent so much money that I didn't have just to be at there that in the end I decided I'll just make my own t-shirt with one of my photos later when I reup on some doe. My homeboy does that shit, so I can get it done at a low price.

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