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Fri, Mar. 24th, 2006, 06:53 pm
clare1969: White people and Richard Wright

Hi Everyone - I'm new to this community. No one has said anything yet on this post in my blog so I thought I'd see if anyone here had any comments on the following:

Even though he was writing about racism in a different location and era to the racism that I experienced, as a BLACK person, I can identify with a lot of the emotions expressed in the book, "Black Boy"...it takes a profound look at what it means to be black in a racist society from a black person's perspective - so I kind of find it baffling that the majority of people who have listed Wright as one of their interests on Live Journal are white...I also found that a lot of white people had selected "Bigger Thomas" as an interest...as seems to be the case so often with regard to white people's apparent interest in black people/ racial matters, I guess it's probably the "coolness factor".

I also submitted this post in griots, an African and African American diaspora literature group on live journal - the comments can be viewed here: