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Sat, Dec. 31st, 2005, 09:26 pm
polymexina: Wait Til You See My Degree

Boston High School Students and College Students Kick Off A Positive T-Shirt Campaign for Boston's Youth To Stop Violence – WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE MY DEGREE!

Roxbury Non-Profits NBCA kicks off Wait Until You See My Degree Campaign – A New Campaign of Positive T-Shirts for Boston's Youth.

Event: Kick off Event – Wait Until You See My Degree, Positive T-shirts for Boston's Youth

Date: Tuesday, January 3 rd, 2006

Time: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Place: Dudley Square at the National Black College Alliance office at 2201 Washington Street, Suite 100 Roxbury, MA 02119 – 617.442.8045

To directly counterpoint the controversial "Stop Snitching" T-Shirt, which is worn by teenagers in high-Schools in Boston , a team of teenagers and local college students from National Black College Alliance (NBCA), a Roxbury-based non-profit, has decided to lay a much more positive message upon the youth. "Wait Until You See My Degree", a slogan which is just first of the Alliance's series of empowering T- shirts and apparel. The NBCA prides itself in teaming inner city youth with college students devout to civic leadership, mentorship, and philanthropy. Through the use of the ever so popular t-shirt slogan campaign, the NBCA youth capitalize in getting their very influential messages to many teens throughout the Boston area.

"What we wear is an expression of our core principals, values, and ideology. I believe that it is very important as young urban leaders who are still in tune with the community to show a balance in our youth's mentality and take charge in empowering our peers - they are the future, it is our responsibility!" says Michael Williams, Morehouse College student and a Roxbury native.

They also plan to bring this message through their visiting of local high schools during their winter break including Madison Park High School, Dorchester High School, Hyde Park High School. A kick off with local teens will take place in Dudley Square on Tuesday, January 3 rd, 2006 from 4:00pm – 7:00pm explaining what they hope to accomplish through this initiative. "It is all about choices" explains Spelman College's Sara Redd who is a mentor in the program and lives in Roxbury. "We choose to show young people who have been deemed at risk by society that they need to have more positive images for themselves - they represent their families, communities and how they are being portrayed."-

The coalition of collegiate urban leaders is led by Boston community leader George "Chip" Greenidge, founder and executive director of the NBCA, Greenidge has been successful in creating a powerful network of college students, alumni and urban professionals throughout the city. "There is something special that's about to happen in Boston, this city is changing, and we are going to make sure that we do our part in making it change for the better by volunteering and mentoring more with our young people." Says Greenidge "The NBCA is dedicated to creating the next generation of civic leaders, and this campaign is putting our teenagers on notice that we have high expectations for them, and we expect them to meet them!" (George "Chip" Greenidge)

About the National Black College Alliance

National Black College Alliance is a network of alumni and college students from Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs). NBCA creates the next generation of urban civic leaders by encouraging community volunteerism, career exploration, and college education to high school students while promoting HBCUs. NBCA Mentors - NBCA Volunteers - NBCA Participates.